2015Full-stack Development, Lead

Weaving data-visulization and journalism into mobile narratives.

Thelma Landing Page Screenshot

News Corp, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, and NYC Media Lab worked together to develop a tool for journalists to create data driven visualisations.

Thelma is the interface for journalists to weave these visualisations into mobile-optimized stories.

Role and Responsibilities

I led a small team to develop a drag-and-drop interface for editors to build concise stories to be served to mobile devices.

I developed and maintained a touch-based mobile interface for readers to navigate mobile stories.

I also developed and maintained back-end architecture for internal and external-facing products.



The front-end of the internal drag-and-drop creation tool was built using Backbone.js, SASS, and Mustache templates.

For performance reasons mobile client was built using HTML and Javascript.


We build the back-end was built using Express a Node.js framework. All data was stored in a MongoDB document store. I used Redis to cache static HTML that was built by the internal creation tool.