Jet Sales Tool

2016UX/UI design + Full-stack Development

A tool to generate custom pages to shorten the sales process. internal sales tool
Getting a product to be sold on Jet takes a number of conversations and requires a number mock ups to be created. This tool was created to improve the internal workflow for sales and partnerships, such that designers time was no longer needed.

Role and Responsibilities

I was largely responsible for this project. I did UX and visual design, front-end and back-end development, while working with a product manager.

The Problem

Getting a product to be sold on Jet required a number of mock ups to be created. These mocks used up a designers time and pulled them off of mission critical tasks.

We needed to develop a way to get designers out of doing these mock ups but also to create a better experience for the prospective sellers.

Design Outcomes

Create and edit product detail pages

Now members of the sales team can edit every part of a product detail page. They can upload images, edit text, change a products categories, pricing and more.

View and share links

Members of the sales team can save and reload their work. Once they have completed a product page they can share a link with their prospects. This link will take them to a live product detail page showing off the product as if it were actually on


The sales tool successfully reduced the time required to generate product page mock-ups. It also became a promotion piece for our team throughout the organization.