Jet Prototyping

2016Prototyping + User Testing

Prototyping a new experience for a new value proposition. homepage 2016

The best user experiences are those that embody an organization’s value proposition, among other things. After pivoting from a membership service to a shopping experience built on dynamic pricing in October of 2015, Jet’s user experience needed an upgrade.

Role and Responsibilities

I worked with the Director of UX, the Associate Director of UX and a contractor prototyping the new experience. I worked on a high fidelity prototype using modern web frameworks and practices. I sat in the user research lab watching users use the prototype, then circled back to collaborate and update the prototype for more user testing the next week.

The Problem

If you shop by the typical price comparison method you would miss the value of Therefore we needed to create an experience that quickly created a new mental model that matched the value proposition.

The Process

First, the user experience and visual design of was redesigned from a mobile-first perspective. A high-fidelity prototype was created that mirrored the complete experience, which was tested on users.

Live user research was conducted using the in-house user research lab. These results drove multiple one-week long micro-sprints in which we iterated on a number of attributes of the design.

  • eyetracking user research

Design Outcomes

Exposing multiple prices per item

We wanted customers to see from the very beginning that not only was Jet’s pricing competitive, but they have options to drop that price even further.

New product pricing display

In the new experience, the detail page displays up to four different potential prices, each depedant on what the customer selects. With this new display, customers can see the value of Jet in a single snapshot and have more control over their prices.

Persistent cart and dynamic pricing

The cornerstone of the new experience is the persistent cart and dynamic pricing.

The new cart preview incorporates a side drawer with eye-catching animation that shows customers how adding more items to their cart actually lowers the price of other items in their order.

And, not only do customers see prices dropping in the cart but also on all pages site-wide.

  • persistent cart

Business Outcomes

Immediately after the launch of the new experience we saw a significant increase in a number of variables, most notably an increase in cart price on checkout.