2016Full-stack Development

Building a prototyping platform and team.

Redux code in text editor

After the success of the prototyping project at the prototyping capability needed to be expanded to empower other teams inside of the organization.

Role and Responsibilities

I worked with the Associate Director of UX to test and validate a number of technologies that we could use to create an internal prototyping platform.

I led development on a component library that was used across multiple projects. After the Walmart acquisition the component library was appropriated by the web development team to be used in production.

I also worked with the Associate Director to scale the team by defining roles, interviewing candidates, and selecting new hires.

The Problem

The prototyping team became a bottle neck. There were too many ideas that needed testing from multiple teams. Our team was designed to build a platform to enable concurrent idea validation by multiple teams through prototyping.

The Technologies


For reusable, performant, and maintainable UI components there is no better choice than Facebook’s React.js.


We used Facebook’s graphical query language, GraphQL to pull only the data we wanted from a collection of microservices. This helped us reduce payload size and avoid breaking changes when multiple prototypes are using similar API calls from the same service.


We chose Redux as a state container to create more predictability and maintainability.

The Solution

We combined these technologies to create a server layer as a single source point to pull data from multiple microservices without affecting any production services.

We built a reusable component library that contained every component on the website that can be used in prototypes or internal tools.

I also created an application boilerplate to quickly start a new prototype or internal tool.