2017Mobile UX/UI

Graphe is the single source for managing your family's health.

Graphe splash screen in iPhone
For a young professional, managing a health issue can be exhausting. Managing the health of your children or an elderly parent on top of that can be debilitating.

Graphe was designed to help young professionals easily manage their families healthcare.

Role and Responsibilities

I worked with the founder of a New York design agency and another talented UX designer in this attempt to revive the American healthcare system.

I worked on UX and visual design, research, and defining the tech-stack.

The Persona

After interviewing individuals with chronic illnesses, families, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers, Jane became our persona.

Jane, is a mother of two who lives with her partner in Brooklyn, New York. She has taken on the responsibility of caring for her mother-in-law. Jane, is also the director at a growing New York based start-up.

User Stories

Get Reminded

Jane is leaving the office late after her meeting ran over. She didn’t finish everything she needed to because of an impromptu afternoon meeting which she left early in order to make her evening meeting. Jane needs to pick up a prescription for her son’s strep throat but is it ready?

View and share records

Jane is taking her son Jayden to see a new doctor. The first appointment is always a hassle with no shortage of questions and paperwork.

Graphe makes it easy by surfacing medical records, lab results, and more in each family member’s profile. You can even fill out intake forms in advance.

Daily Medication Schedule

Jane’s mother Agatha, takes several pills multiple times a day. At her age she tends to forget things from time-to-time. Graphe sends her an alert to take her medication.

Forgetting to take her medication can send Agatha back to the hospital. Jane can get reminded if Agatha misses even a single dose.

See health overtime

A lot of health care happens in isolation, due to the discreteness of the practice. Graphe allows you to surface and track your health at a high level.

This allows you to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated conditions, empowering individuals to take control of their own health.